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[14.04.2003] --- После месец дана паузе нови update игара за PC. Између осталог: Delta force Black Hawk Down, Champion Manager 4, Rainbow Six Raven Shield, Toca Race Driver, Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb ***

[13.03.2003] --- Новитети. Издвајамо: Medal Of Honor Spearhead, Heroes IV Winds Of War, Freelancer... ***


[26.02.2003] --- Нове игре zа PC: Splinter's Cell, Project IGI 2, Serious Sam Gold. ***

[24.02.2003] --- Нове игре zа PC. Izdvajamo: Player Manager 2003, Nascar Racing 2003... ***

[24.02.2003] ---Легални оперативни системи: MS Windows XP Home Edition - 97EU, MS Windows 98SE - 127EU, Linux Knoppix 3.1 120 din ***

[19.02.2003] --- Јефтинији бланко медији. No-name (са кутијом) 40 дин комад(100 ком 28 дин/ком), Verbatim,TDK - 50 дин. ***

[18.02.2003] --- Ниже цене PSOne конзола. Само 6300 динара(без џојстика, чије се цене крећу од 450 до 1650 динара. ***

[14.02.2003] --- Нове игре за PC. издвајамо: Unreal 2, C&C Generals, Sim City 4. ***

[30.01.2003] --- Гомила нових игара. ***

[27.01.2003] --- Допуњен каталог mp3 музике. ***

[17.12.2002] --- Нови наслови за PC: Drone Racer, Militarism, Warhazard Return Of Darkness, Junior Scrabble, Lego Creator Harry Poter 2, Castelvania & Contra, Football Masters, Vet Emergency 2 2cd's, Silent Hill 2 3cd's, Island Extreme Stunts, Racing Simulation 3, Bird Hunter 2003, Wheel of Fortune 2003 ***

[08.12.2002] --- Гомила нових наслова за PC: James Bond Nightfire, Harry Potter 2, NBA Live 2003, Swarm, Chess Tiger 15, Robot Wars Extreme Destruction, Shadow of Destiny, Manchester City Manager, Southhampton Manager, Platoon, Cats 5, Dogs 5, Sky Park 2003, Chelsea Official Management Game, Soccer Manager, Hoyle Card Games 2003, New World Order, Spirit, Hoyle Board Games, 4-4-2 Manager, Deer Hunter 2003, Pinball Master, Aces of World War, Star Trek Starfleet Commander 3, Pink Panther Pincadelic Pursuit, Prince of Qin, Zelenghorm, MS Sport Rally Challenge, WWE Raw, Pharaon?s Curse, Iron Storm, Age of Mithology, Galdiators, Dragon?s Lair 3D, US Most Wanted, Cossacs Back to War ***

[21.09.2002] --- Нови наслови за PC: Max Payne (mission pack), Sims Face Factory, Morrowind, Hoyle Card Games, Counter Strike 1.5, Blood Omen, Syberia, Hero X, King of the Road, Worlds of Billy 2, World Tour 2003 Skateboard Tycoon, Arthur's Quest Battle For the King, Dino Crisis 2, Madden NFL 2003, Dark Fall, Real Deal Casino Quest, Mega Man, The Thing, Medivil, Hard Truck, Industry Giant, Celtik Kings Rage of W, Sudden Strike, Destroyer Command, Moto GP, Pac-Man, Chess Master 9000, Batman, Largo Winch, Stuart Little 2, Icewind, Moonbase. ***

[03.09.2002] --- Нови наслови за SonyOne: Planet of the Apes, Delta Force, Digimon Rumble Arena, Digimon 3, Creatures, Lilo & Stich, Capcom vs. SNK, MLB 2003, Legend of Pocahontas, Raiden Project. ***

[25.08.2002] --- Добио сам сина. ***

[19.08.2002] --- Допуњени mp3 каталози. ***

[29.07.2002] --- Нови наслови за PC: GTA III, Gore, London Racer 2, The Sum Of The Fears, Hitman 2, Tema Factor, Petar Pan, Delta Force Task Force Dager, Age of Wonders 2 Operation Blockade, Le Man 24 Hours, Crazy Taxy, Duke Nukem Manhatan Project, Mobile Forces, Grand Prix 4, Warcraft 3, Muscle, Sven Goran Ericsson, V8 Challenge. ***

[17.07.2002] --- Veliko pojeftinjenje PSone konzola. Sada je samo 6800 dinara sto je 1000 dinara jeftinije. To moze samo Crveni Dzin ; >) ***